I love dark mode. It is elegant, beautiful, and instantly elevates the user experience. Although, it is a lot of work to get right as a solo-developer without a CSS framework.

You have to get the color schemes right, add classes for dark mode elements, and sprinkle some JavaScript to make it all work. Here is a basic implementation of how to do it yourself.

I recently discovered the halfmoon CSS framework and instantly fell in love. It is all the good things that come with bootstrap, but with Dark mode implementation and easy customization.

Between Tailwinds and halfmoon, I…

Lighthouse audit for https://joyful.gifts

Maybe it’s the convert’s zeal or the magic of code, but one of the best feeling in the world is when a project comes together and you hit that deploy button. It’s a literal metamorphosis of your ideas into a very real thing that other people can use.

Here is the thing though, it’s even more magical when that project is used all over the world by random strangers who found it useful. How do they find it? Well, they google something related to it!


I assume you know what is SEO, and why it’s a useful subject to…

On May 21st, 2020. I wrote my first-ever line of code as part of Harvard’s CS50 online course. Six months later, I pushed a production-ready web application (see https://joyful.gifts) for the whole world to use. Below is how I approached learning, the journey, and some unconventional advice for those learning to code to build products.


I do a couple of things → JonathanAdly.com

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