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  • Hardeep Kumar

    Hardeep Kumar

    Introvert at its best. Programmer, Web Dev, CSE student, Blogger. I write on https://infoaddaz.com

  • Smeet Shah

    Smeet Shah

    13 Years of Experience in Pharmacy (Research, Pharmaceutics, Technology, NDDS, Retail, Industry). I love to write what I see. I always wait for good evidence.

  • Data Science.

    Data Science.

    Everything that you need to know About data and beyond.

  • S Harish

    S Harish

  • Tim Skov Jacobsen

    Tim Skov Jacobsen

  • Rob Hafemeister

    Rob Hafemeister

  • John Stauffacher

    John Stauffacher

    Juggler of many things, InfoSec, Consultant, Parent The views expressed are all my own, and do not represent my employer....

  • Anh Nguyen Pd

    Anh Nguyen Pd

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